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This video has been deleted.
CAPT Ray, XO of BHR and former BUPERS-3 Community Manager briefs the San Diego Chapter Thursday, 15OCT20 and discusses:

     - Although some commands are viewed differently from others, it's important to bloom where planted.
     - It's okay to get a "New guy" Promotable FITREP after checking onboard a new command. The board gets it and it can give you a chance to improve.
     - The more "Soft break outs" (recognition above the 50% margin amongst your peers) the better.
     - Ensure there are no gaps more than 2 weeks in between your FITREP.
     - Block 40 should include your next milestone.
     - Bumper Stickers should reinforce everything in your Block 41.
     - FITREP's are written for the board. Debriefs and midterms is a meaningful critique that can be a useful tool for upward progression.

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