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2020 Scholarship Program

The NNOA San Diego Chapter is proud to kick off its annual Scholarship Program for the 2020 graduation year!

  • The 2020 Scholarship Program is open to High School Seniors who are attending and will be graduating in 2020 from a high school within the geographical coverage area listed below, and who have been accepted to an accredited, four (4) year educational institution.      

  • The geographical coverage area includes San Diego County School Districts that support military School Liaisons.


NNOA Education Commitment 


The National Naval Officers Association (NNOA) is an organization composed of active duty, reserve and retired officers, midshipmen and cadets, and interested civilians. NNOA actively supports the Sea Services in the development of a diverse officer corps through recruitment, retention, and career development. NNOA establishes and maintains a positive image of the Sea Services in communities and educational institutions. The NNOA San Diego Chapter consists of men and women from various communities in San Diego County. 


The NNOA is committed to developing and supporting youth who aspire for higher academic education through establishment of tutorial programs and scholarship awards. The NNOA encourages local chapters to establish scholarship funds to support youth in pursuing higher levels of academic education beyond high school.


Chapter Scholarship Background


In 2010, the NNOA San Diego Chapter established an Annual Scholarship Program for high school seniors. A key NNOA San Diego Chapter goal is to facilitate, participate in and coordinate activities that will uplift our local communities. In an effort to support the youth in this community, the NNOA San Diego Chapter has established a scholarship award with criteria consistent with the mission and objectives of NNOA.


Important 2020 Scholarship Details & Dates


Application requirements:

  • Write a word essay of specified length in the prescribed format as part of the submission package; 

  • Provide validated* documents such as an official transcript of grades, ACT/SAT testing score results, and/or college acceptance letters as part of their submission package.  *Documents are considered "validated" when they have a school seal or other "school approved" stamp/mark/signature.


Awarded funds are disbursed by this chapter to the recipient's account at their enrolled college or university.  Scholarship funds are not paid directly to the student by this chapter.

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